Karis’ Treatment Plan

Hi everyone! Here is a short update!

We want to thank you all for the support and prayer we’ve received. We feel truly blessed to have people walking with us during this time. God is good! 

Last week, we met with our First Steps Coordinator and the Occupational Therapist who evaluated Karis. We all talked about goals and treatment options that would best help Karis to develop better use of her right side. 

This is what was recommended to us for her and we gladly accepted. I’m so thankful to the Lord for First Steps. This organization allows parents to receive inexpensive help in treating their children. They don’t just do the bare minimum either. They agree that it’s better to do more than necessary and cut back if and when needed, rather than not do enough. We are so grateful. 

Here is her treatment plan. We will re-evaluate and make changes if necessary in five or so months. 

  • Occupational Therapy 1x a week for 60 min a session
  • Physical Therapy 2x a month for 60 min a session 
  • Speech Therapy (to help with her reflux and gagging) 1x a week for February and March, then reduced to 2x a month after for 60 min a session

We are so thankful to have so much help! The main goals for her are to get her crawling to develop strength in her right arm and hand. She will wear a brace on her hand to help keep her thumb untucked and open and will wear something on her right ankle to help the muscles relax as well. 

I believe God is faithful and knows exactly what He has planned for Karis. This is just a part of her story. It in no way defines her! We are so grateful for the love and encouragement and we thank you for loving our daughter! She is so full of joy. God has truly blessed us. 

Love you all!



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