essential oils · Karis

Lesson Learned

This morning I made a mistake and I’m going to share what it was with you. 

I gave Karis a bath and followed our usual routine. I put Tubby Todd lotion all over her body and was getting her dressed. (Side note: Tubby Todd is amazing for sensitive skin. Eli and I both struggle with this, so we have used these products since Karis was born. She’s never had skin issues!!!)

I realized I needed to put some essential oils on her before her clothes were on, so I grabbed the Marjoram massage oil (3 drops marjoram and the rest olive oil in a 10ml glass roller bottle). I rubbed it on her right arm and back like I usually do. I got Karis dressed and then noticed some redness on her face, so I got out our Tubby Todd cream and put some on her. This cream is magic. It usually takes away any redness or scratches almost immediately. 

Did anyone catch the mistake I made already?? I definitely didn’t. 

I rubbed her face with the cream after I put the marjoram oil on. I still had the residue on my fingers when I touched her face!! 😭 

I never rub essential oils on Karis’ face. All baby skin is sensitive, but usually faces are the most sensitive. Plus, I don’t like there being any chance of Karis rubbing her face and then putting her hands in her mouth. I use essential oils internally, but it’s not recommended for babies and I definitely agree. 
Anyway, at the time, I didn’t realize this happened, so I took her out to the living room to nurse. I looked down and saw the rash that was forming on her face and couldn’t figure out what caused it at first. After retracing my steps, I realized what had done it. I got out some coconut oil and placed some on her skin. As it melted, I rubbed it in more and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, I took a tissue and wiped it away. Almost immediately, the redness diminished… not all, but most of it. 

I planned to rub some more coconut oil on her again to take care of the rest, but after she woke up from her nap, her skin was perfectly normal again!

The takeaway… baby skin is sensitive, so I recommend you don’t use oils on their faces (it’s best to start using oils on their feet). Unfortunately, being human means we are going to make mistakes. Accidents happen. Don’t get upset with yourself and try not to feel guilty for honest mistakes. I of course did, but try not to. Instead, learn how to solve the problem. I learned that carrier oils absorb essential oils. When placed on the skin, it will help take away any of the essential oil that’s there. I felt a lot better in the middle of the situation, knowing I had the solution.

I contacted my upline (one of my team leaders) and she encouraged me. She said, the “best part of oils is you’re in control.”

This is so so true! Don’t let essential oils scare you. Instead, learn about them and use them how you want. See what works for you. Do what you’re comfortable with. I imagine the more you use and learn about them, the more comfortable you’ll get… this has definitely been true for me. 

Here’s a few pictures of Karis’ skin before, during, and after. 

Right after it happened…

Coconut oil working its magic 🙌🏼

After I rubbed the coconut oil off 

A few hours later 😊

I hope this encouraged you! I also hope this shows you how great essential oils are. When you learn how to use them, there’s nothing to get in the way of the many benefits they offer. Even though she got a rash, they really are safe. Just learn where to put them and learn how to dilute them/remove them from skin if you happen to put them on any sensitive areas!


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