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📷 copyright: Root & Petal

Hey everyone! So as you all know, I’m trying to grow my Young Living Essential Oil business. I’m not just trying to do this to help provide for my family. The reason I chose to do this, is because I believe in these products and this company 100%. I have seen how my family has benefited from Essential Oils in a HUGE way!! Helping people get and stay healthy is also one of my favorite things to do… seriously! 😊

I want to join you and your people on the journey to health and wellness!! 
So, we’re going to have a GIVEAWAY 🙌🏼

For every new person that signs up for a PSK (Premium Starter Kit), I will add one 10ml roller bottle blend or perfume/cologne (up to 10) into the Grand Prize. Each one will be different. If you’re already a member on my team, don’t worry. You’ll have a chance to win too! If someone signs up under you or is referred by you, you’ll get one entry into the drawing. New sign ups will get two entries. If you sign up or refer multiple people, you’ll get multiple entries. There’s no limit on entries. Entries will be accepted until the winner is chosen (just message me before the drawing to share with me who you’ve signed up). The winner will be selected February 28th at 8pm PST/10pm CST. 

Prize includes:

  • 10ml Root & Petal glass roller bottles (up to 10)
  • Custom Labels on each bottle 
  • Winner can choose a few custom blends/perfumes/colognes to go along with select blends
  • Free shipping 

I hope this encourages you all to share with your friends and family! Spread the Essential Oil love ❤ 

And of course, Happy Oiling!


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