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The Story I Would Share With Every Friend If I Had The Chance

Sometimes I get scared. Scared to show people the real me and scared to talk about what I really love. I’m afraid people will think I’m a fanatic. I love Jesus and that’s not always popular. I love my family… my husband and I have made the tough decision for me to be home with… Continue reading The Story I Would Share With Every Friend If I Had The Chance

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EO Stomach Pain Reliever

You know that feeling you get when you try something for the first time and love it? You ask yourself how you lived all of this time without whatever “it” is… this is 100% how I feel every time I use essential oils.  Tonight, I made Honey Glaze Chicken🍴😋 Unfortunately though, I overdid it on… Continue reading EO Stomach Pain Reliever

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📷 copyright: Root & Petal Hey everyone! So as you all know, I’m trying to grow my Young Living Essential Oil business. I’m not just trying to do this to help provide for my family. The reason I chose to do this, is because I believe in these products and this company 100%. I have… Continue reading February GIVEAWAY

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Why You Need to Date Your Spouse

Last night, Eli and I went on a date. I was sick on Valentine’s Day, so we postponed going out. It was the first time in four months since we’ve been out without Karis!  Unfortunately, moving to Missouri made it a challenge to go anywhere without her since we didn’t have many people we could… Continue reading Why You Need to Date Your Spouse

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Lesson Learned

This morning I made a mistake and I’m going to share what it was with you.  I gave Karis a bath and followed our usual routine. I put Tubby Todd lotion all over her body and was getting her dressed. (Side note: Tubby Todd is amazing for sensitive skin. Eli and I both struggle with… Continue reading Lesson Learned

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DIY Essential Oil Deodorant 

I finally have my chance! Eli ran out of Old Spice and has been using “natural” deodorant that doesn’t work. I recently researched all natural deodorants and they actually have some pretty unhealthy ingredients themselves 😫 so, tonight I made some deodorant. I found many different recipes and decided to make one with ingredients I… Continue reading DIY Essential Oil Deodorant 


Karis’ Treatment Plan

Hi everyone! Here is a short update! We want to thank you all for the support and prayer we’ve received. We feel truly blessed to have people walking with us during this time. God is good!  Last week, we met with our First Steps Coordinator and the Occupational Therapist who evaluated Karis. We all talked… Continue reading Karis’ Treatment Plan