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The Story I Would Share With Every Friend If I Had The Chance

Sometimes I get scared. Scared to show people the real me and scared to talk about what I really love. I’m afraid people will think I’m a fanatic. I love Jesus and that’s not always popular. I love my family… my husband and I have made the tough decision for me to be home with… Continue reading The Story I Would Share With Every Friend If I Had The Chance

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Lesson Learned

This morning I made a mistake and I’m going to share what it was with you.  I gave Karis a bath and followed our usual routine. I put Tubby Todd lotion all over her body and was getting her dressed. (Side note: Tubby Todd is amazing for sensitive skin. Eli and I both struggle with… Continue reading Lesson Learned


Karis’ Treatment Plan

Hi everyone! Here is a short update! We want to thank you all for the support and prayer we’ve received. We feel truly blessed to have people walking with us during this time. God is good!  Last week, we met with our First Steps Coordinator and the Occupational Therapist who evaluated Karis. We all talked… Continue reading Karis’ Treatment Plan


Family Update

Eli and I really struggled deciding whether we should share some news regarding Karis on social media. With the way our culture is, we believe this information would eventually become necessary, so we have decided to share now. We want nothing, but God’s will. By sharing our journey and the process the Lord is taking… Continue reading Family Update


Seven Things I Wish I Knew As A First Time Mom!

This is for all of you first time mamas out there. I hope this helps you and encourages you to just breathe and enjoy the season you are in. You’re only a first time mom once. You’ll soon have your own list of things you wished you knew before you had your baby too… but,… Continue reading Seven Things I Wish I Knew As A First Time Mom!


Karis Aletheia Macha

Well, I’m 15½ weeks postpartum… a little late to finally be writing Karis’ birth story, but this little girl keeps me on my toes! Karis was born at 36+1 weeks gestation, basically 4 weeks early. She was due July 8th and arrived June 11th. This was not expected. On Thursday, June 9th, I was at… Continue reading Karis Aletheia Macha