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Why You Need to Date Your Spouse

Last night, Eli and I went on a date. I was sick on Valentine’s Day, so we postponed going out. It was the first time in four months since we’ve been out without Karis!  Unfortunately, moving to Missouri made it a challenge to go anywhere without her since we didn’t have many people we could… Continue reading Why You Need to Date Your Spouse

Life in Missouri

New Adventures!!

Hi everyone! We have officially been in Springfield for more than a month now and we’ve been in our apartment since December 1st. We really love it here!! Updates: – we are still looking for a home church, but we don’t have too many on the list, so it shouldn’t take long for us to… Continue reading New Adventures!!

Life in Missouri

Moving to Missouri

Okay God… we still aren’t really sure we know what you’re doing or where you’re calling us, but we trust you anyway.  Our lease is up November 12th. We can’t stay here due to finances, our apartment is too small, and frankly, we just don’t want to. God has shut so many doors and over… Continue reading Moving to Missouri